wills trusts staten islandA lawyer experienced in the wills trusts Staten Island residents utilize needs to have years of experience in estate law. At the DDC Law Firm, our lawyers have many years of experience in creating wills that meet the needs of our clients and establishing trusts that can make estate management much easier. We often use wills as a tool of estate management, and we know how to use trusts to get clients estate structures they are happy with.

A trust is a legal entity used to manage the assets of an estate and determine beneficiaries when someone within the state passes away. A big benefit of a trust is that it does not have to go through the probate courts, which makes the process much easier. The wills and trusts Staten Island residents are most familiar with are the ones they see on television or in movies. But the experts at DDC will show how anyone can benefit from estate planning using wills and trusts, and how every family should consider the type of protection wills and trusts offer.

A will becomes a very powerful vehicle for making sure that your last wishes are honored. It can be used along with a trust, or a will can stand on its own. Some people do not have the amount of assets that would require a trust, but they have enough to warrant a set of instructions for their next of kin when they pass on. At DDC, we explain both wills and trusts to you and help you get into the estate planning legal structure that best suits your needs.

Call us today and we will give you the options of will and trusts Staten Island residents need to make the right decisions about their estate planning needs.