Taking On Estate Administration

Estate planning is something that a person takes care of when they want to protect their assets and provide for their family after the person has passed away. Once the person does pass away, the responsibility of administering that estate would fall to whomever the deceased designated in their will. In many cases, the estate administrator is a family member. But there are some good reasons why estate administration is something that should be done by the family lawyer instead.

The Process Can Be Overwhelming

It does not take a large estate for an estate administrator to become overwhelmed. In most cases, estate administrators are family members with little to no legal experience who do not understand what is expected of them. If the estate has to pass through probate, then that adds another layer of confusion and anxiety. An attorney understands estate administration and can handle the process easily and smoothly.

The Paperwork Is Confusing

In any state, the paperwork involved with administering an estate is very confusing. Sometimes it can feel like you are filling out duplicate forms, and that is usually because you are. But if the paperwork is not done properly during estate administration, then there can be problems along the way. The desires of the deceased may not be realized, and the family could be thrown into turmoil. An experienced attorney understands the paperwork involved with estate administration, and can make sure that everything is done properly.

It Is Time Consuming

Most people have jobs and personal lives that would almost have to be put on hold for days, and possibly weeks, to be an estate administrator when a loved one passes away. Attorneys and their staffs are set up to handle the workload that comes with estate administration, and they can get the job done more efficiently that someone who has never handled this sort of thing before. Instead of asking a family member to take on a project that could alter their lives, it is best to have an attorney take care of the entire estate administration process.

It Can Get Personal

A loved one passing away is an emotional event that affects many people in the family. When it comes time to administer the estate, those emotions can often get in the way of doing the right things. It is normal for a family member to try and administer an estate the way they would want it administered, instead of going by the written wishes of the deceased. An experienced attorney understands the emotions involved in administering an estate, and they can wade through those emotions and get things done as the deceased would have wanted them done.

When a loved one passes away, the grief and anguish can last for a very long time. That is why asking a family member to administer the estate of a deceased loved one is often asking more than is possible. Emotions can get in the way, and the confusing process itself can become overwhelming for anyone who is not experienced in how estate administration works.

As you plan out your estate and put together your will, it is a good idea to make your family attorney the estate administrator. Your attorney can get the job done, and prevent the intense emotions from getting in the way of carrying out your final requests.

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