When people get involved in a criminal case for the first time in their lives, they tend to make mistakes that undermine what their criminal defense team is trying to do. Being arrested on criminal charges is a very serious event that requires your full cooperation with your defense team. As your team puts together what it needs to hopefully clear your name, there are actions you can take that will mess up that defense and possibly cost you your freedom.

Talking On Social Media

Your criminal defense attorney may have already told you to stay off social media, and that is not a request. As your case is made public, it is open to scrutiny from everyone who has a social media account. You will find, if you go on social media, that there are people who will have contrasting point of views when it comes to your guilt or innocence.

Your criminal case will be presented in a court of law by a professional attorney. You should never try to address people on social media by answering questions, or by allowing yourself to get drawn into a debate about your case. You should know that the prosecutors are monitoring your actions on social media and anything you post could be held against you.

Talking To The Regular Media

If your case has any interest at all to the news media in your area, then you will get phone calls and personal visits from reporters looking for the latest information. If the regular media tries to contact you about your case, refer them to your attorney. You should never try to explain yourself or discuss any details of your case in the media.

Reporters have a habit of trying to get people to say things that can have several different meanings. Once you get into a discussion with a reporter who is trying to trip you up, you are engaged in a battle you cannot win. That is why you should refer all media inquiries to your attorney and remain silent to the media in general.

Talking About Your Case To Anyone

If your defense team is trying to get you acquitted on your charges and you admit your guilt to your sister and your family's Sunday meal, then the prosecution could bring your sister in to testify and derail your entire defense. She would not mean to speak out against you, but you gave her no choice.

The family members who care about you will understand why you cannot talk about your case. If they do not understand, then tell them that you could get them involved in the case if you talk to them about it. The only people you should be discussing your case with are your attorneys, and they should be the only people you give new information to as well.

People involved in criminal proceedings do not understand just how far the long arm of the law reaches. When you are involved in a criminal case, you need to stay off social media and only discuss the case with your attorneys. The smarter you are about keeping the details of your case out of the public's reach, the more your attorneys can do in preparing your defense.

Most people know that they should hire an experienced criminal attorney when they are arrested to protect their rights. But there are plenty of other reasons why it is a very good idea to hire an attorney to look after your interests, and make sure that your side of the story is properly represented.

When You Are Associated With A Case

If you start to hear your name associated with a criminal case, then you should immediately hire a criminal attorney. When the police unexpectedly show up at your door to ask questions about a new criminal case, then you should deny to talk until you have hired a criminal attorney.

Even if you know you are innocent and only a witness in a case, it is still important to hire an attorney to help you present your case properly. An attorney will let you know what to say when you testify, or if you should say anything at all.

During A Family Tragedy

If a family member is seriously injured, or even killed, in an accident, then you need to get a criminal attorney involved immediately. When you hire your attorney, you need to give them all of the facts you have and point them towards law officials and insurance companies that are involved in the case.

This is especially true for a case that gains a significant amount of public attention. Opportunistic people may try to sue your family in the hopes that the publicity would force your family to settle on something that may not be true. A good criminal attorney can protect your family from opportunistic people, and act as your spokesman to the media and public.

The Moment You Are Entangled In A Legal Issue

Your day may be going along as it always has, and then suddenly you are served with a subpoena you did not expect. Whether you are being ask to testify as a witness or a defendant, you need to contact an experience criminal lawyer immediately.

If you find yourself the victim of fraud or dragged into an event to which you were either a participant or a witness, then your first step is to hire a criminal attorney. The sooner you get a criminal attorney involved in your case, the more first-hand information the attorney can gather to better represent your case. Instead of hoping your legal issue goes away, you need to be proactive and get in touch with an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Many people find themselves involved in complex legal situations without realizing the potential damage those situations could do to their lives and their freedom. If you find yourself involved in a legal situation at any level, be sure to reach out and hire an experience criminal attorney as soon as possible.

A good criminal lawyer will tell you what to say, and show you exactly where you fit in a legal situation. A criminal lawyer can speak for you, and they will make sure that your rights are protected throughout the entire process.

In many states, getting a divorce can be as simple as signing a piece of paper. Nevada is famous for its easy divorce laws, but that does not mean that a quick Las Vegas divorce is always the best answer. If you are going to go through a divorce, then you need to hire an attorney. The temptation to try and do it yourself and save the money is strong, but the amount of money you could lose if your divorce is not properly handled will seem like pittance compared to what you could lose if you are not careful.

Agreeable Spouses can Become Disagreeable Quickly

When you and your spouse first decide to divorce, you may decide to be amicable and get the process over quickly. But once an agreeable spouse has had time to think things over, they can become disagreeable very quickly. The change in mood may come out of spite for what the spouse feels has happened through the whole downfall of the relationship, or the other spouse may have found success since the separation and the spiteful spouse wants part of the new fortune. In any event, you need to have an attorney on your side who can protect your rights from a vengeful spouse.

The Process is not What You Thought it Would be

When you first told your friend you were getting divorced, he assured you that you can do it yourself by signing a couple of documents and filing it with the court. Aside from the dangers a spiteful spouse can create, the process is also not as simple as people make it out to be. Some people see a lawyer handle a divorce and think that it looks easy. But that lawyer has studied years to know how to file a smooth divorce, and that is why people hire attorneys to make sure that they do not lose everything in the process.

Your Spouse May Get a Lawyer Without Telling You

Even though you and your spouse agreed to get divorced without attorneys, that could change as your spouse does some research on the Internet and listens to their family and friends. A divorce is a legal proceeding and you should have an attorney representing your best interests throughout the process. The last thing you need is to try and save money by not hiring an attorney, only to find out that your spouse felt it was better for them to get legal guidance.

The Court May Demand That You Get a Lawyer

In matters like a divorce, there is no such thing as a lawyer going to court on your behalf once and then never coming back. Once you have been associated with an attorney, the court will require you to have that attorney present at all times. The court is basically protecting you from yourself by requiring you to have an attorney for the entire process.

When you and your spouse decide to get a divorce, you need to consider your best interests over everything else. If there are children involved, then you definitely want to do what is right for the children by hiring an attorney. The bold truth is that you need to hire an attorney for your divorce if you want to have your rights protected at all times.

In the practice of law, attorneys assume positions of immense responsibility on behalf of the people they represent. Contract law requires that attorneys give an accurate description of contract clauses to their clients. An inaccurate clause representation could cost the client thousands of dollars and even ignite a lawsuit against the attorney.

Another area of law where the attorney takes on tremendous responsibility is in setting up and administrating guardianships. When people think of guardians, they often think of a non-parental relationship with a child. But more often than not, a guardian arrangement is administered by an attorney, and the client is not a child.

A Minor

While not every client in a guardianship is a child, it is still true that children make up a large portion of those covered by guardianship arrangements. While every court in every state would like to make sure that children in need of guardians get the help they need, getting a guardianship approved is not always a slam dunk.

Children in need of guardians are often orphaned, disowned by their parents, or have won a legal agreement to be separated legally from their parents. In these instances, the state will look for a responsible adult to step up and become the child's guardian. While the hope is that a family member will step in to care for the child and take care of the child's legal affairs, courts are sometimes forced to make alternate arrangements.

A Developmentally Disabled Adult

Developmentally disabled children who are unable to take care of their legal and financial needs as they become adults require a legal guardian. Even though many states make provisions to care for developmentally disabled people, there still needs to be someone who looks out for the physical, emotional, and financial well-being of that adult.

An adult who becomes disabled in some way due to an accident or illness may also require a guardian. In these instances, the courts must be careful to consider all of the needs of the adult in question. The adult may feel as though they can make their own decisions and care for themselves, but the reality may be quite different. A good attorney is essential in administering one of the types of guardianship cases.

A Senior In Need Of Assistance

Most states make no assumptions when it comes to the need for guardianship on a senior. It is not assumed that a family member can sign off on paperwork without legal status as a guardian, and it is not assumed that the senior automatically needs a guardian. But, when a senior is diagnosed with an advanced case of dementia or some other debilitating condition, there needs to be a guardianship arrangement in place.

Legal professionals face difficult decisions every day, and they know that their resolutions to those issues directly affect the lives of their clients. In the case of a guardianship, it is important to put a competent adult in place to make decisions on behalf of another person to make sure that the person gets treated fairly and is not cheated out of what they are entitled to. In some cases, that guardian becomes the attorney, and that takes the attorney-client relationship to a whole new level.

Sometimes trouble has a way of finding people, and that is when it is time to invest in a good criminal lawyer. If you want to get the best representation possible, then you need to take the time to find a good lawyer to represent you. There are plenty of criminal lawyers to choose from when you get in trouble, but only a select few will be able to do the job right.

Get A Real Criminal Lawyer

Not all legal situations are the same, which is why you need to make sure that you are getting an experienced criminal lawyer to work on your case. A corporate attorney or tax lawyer is not going to be able to give your case the right kind of attention it deserves. When you are considering criminal lawyers, make sure that you are talking to professionals who study and practice criminal law for a living.

Ask To Meet The Staff

Your attorney will not work on your case alone, they will have a staff that will help them to prepare information and represent your case. It is not out of line, nor is it unusual, for you to ask to meet the team that will handle your criminal case. When you hire an criminal lawyer, you need to be comfortable with the whole team and not just the main attorney.

A Lawyer That Talks To You Directly

Most lawyers understand the need to translate legal speak into plain English, but it takes a special lawyer to be able to convey information in a way that you can really understand. Just like doctors must have a good bedside manner, so should a criminal lawyer be able to talk to their clients in a way that the clients can understand.

What Are The Fees Like?

As you are shopping around for a criminal attorney, you will start to get an idea as to what types of fees you will expect to pay. There is nothing wrong with an attorney charging more than the others, as long as you are comfortable with the notion that the higher fee is worth it. Before you hire an attorney, you must be comfortable with their fees and know their entire fee schedule.

What Are My Options?

When it comes to criminal law, what you do not want is an attorney that will give you one course of action to take with no options to consider. There are always options in every criminal case, and you want a lawyer that understands the options, and will present those options to you in a way that you can easily understand.

Trust Your Instincts

After talking to a few criminal lawyers, you have that one that you feel very confident about and would like to work with. As long as the experience and fee parts check out, then you should trust your instincts.

Choosing a criminal attorney is a very important decision. A good criminal lawyer will do their best to preserve your rights, and give you all of the options to choose from as your case moves along. Take the time to find a good lawyer, and you can make sure that your side of the story is heard.


A guardianship is a legal arrangement that is required to see to all of the personal and business affairs of a person who is deemed unable to care for these affairs on their own. Most people associate a guardianship with a child, but the scope of who can benefit from a guardianship is not limited by age. While there are several complex elements to every guardianship arrangement, it is relatively easy to understand the basics of a guardianship relationship.

What Is A Guardian?

A guardian is someone either appointed or approved by the courts to take care of all legal aspects of a person's life such as habitation, medical care, and financial arrangements. The guardian assumes all responsibility for each decision they make on behalf of their constituent, and the guardian also assumes all penalties that may result from their decisions.

Who Needs A Guardian?

A person who utilizes a guardian is called a protected person. A protected person is anyone who is considered by the court to be unable to make important decisions on their own. Some of the reasons for requiring a guardian include the age of the protected person, their mental state, their physical condition, and their emotional health.

The Different Types Of Guardianship Arrangements

Full Guardianship - A full guardian is placed in charge of all of the protected person's legal, financial, and personal affairs. The full guardian can either be a single individual, a group, or a legal entity of some kind.

Limited Guardianship - If it is determined that the protected person only needs help with their financial affairs, then a limited guardian would be assigned to handle those types of transactions. The limited guardian can only make decisions in the areas where they have been given authority.

Temporary Guardianship - In some cases, the court may determine that a guardian is only need for a limited period. For example, when a person goes into a coma, then the courts may assign a temporary guardian if no other arrangements have been made to protect the person's interests. Once the guardianship period is over, the guardian no longer has legal authority to make decisions for the protected person.

Joint Guardianship - When it is determined that a protected person requires the assistance of more than one guardian, then joint guardianship will be assigned to two or more people.

What Is The Liability Level For A Guardian?

A guardian is not held personally responsible for actions taken by a protected person that do not involve the guardian's responsibilities. For example, a guardian would not be held responsible if their protected person broke an expensive picture window. A guardian is not required to use their own funds to care for the protected person, unless the guardian has agreed to fund the protected person in the guardianship agreement.

The guardian is required to take all reasonable steps to insure the health and safety of the protect person. The guardian is also expected to make reasonable decisions on behalf of the protected person, which means that the guardian can be found negligent for making improper decisions on behalf of the protected person.

A guardianship arrangement is a tremendous responsibility that affects the lives of many people. When making a guardianship decision, the courts require a great deal of information and work hard to make the best decision possible on behalf of the protected person.

Divorce and child custody proceedings can be devastating to everyone involved. Two people do not start a family with the intention of having that family fall apart, but it does happen and the results can be tragic. What can make a family court situation even more tragic is if you do not seek out professional legal counsel from the very beginning of the proceedings. Too many people have misconceptions about the family court process that can cause problems for them now, and in the future.

I Can Just File The Motions Myself

In the state of New York, there is this prevailing opinion among people that will need to use the family court system that they can just file some paperwork, pay a couple of filing fees, and then be done with the process. Truth be told, that is how the entire court system works. But would you really want to file your own paperwork if you were accused of a felony crime?

While a family court case is filled with emotion, you still need to protect your rights to make sure that you are treated fairly. A qualified attorney will walk you through the entire process and make sure that your side is heard. Without an attorney, your divorce or child custody process could turn out in a way that is contrary to what you wanted.

Why Do I Need An Attorney For This?

Some of the decisions made by a family court are based on defined computations and guidelines, while others are judgment calls. When the courts make a decision on judgment calls, they do so with the information that has been presented to them. If you have no idea how to file a compelling argument as to why you should have custody of your children, then you will have a difficult time convincing the courts that your cause is a just one.

A divorce can seem equally as simple to file, but the end result can be difficult to predict if you do not have legal representation. You need an attorney for family court issues because these are issues that affect you personally and have strong emotional value. If you want your voice to be heard in family court, then you need to have an attorney speaking for you.

Doesn't The State Provide An Attorney?

In some cases, the state or county you are filing your motion in will provide you with an attorney from their stable of public defenders. These are hard-working people who do what they can for their clients, but they lack the time or staffing to focus on your specific needs. If you want to get the right legal advice for your family court proceeding, then you need to hire an attorney who is working for you directly, and has your interests in mind.

When it comes to a family matter, emotions can run high. Anger can often take the place of rational thinking, and sometimes bad decisions are made. When you have an attorney working for you on your family court matter, you can eliminate those bad decisions by having a professional take care of your side of the proceeding, and make sure that your interests are protected.

Estate planning is a topic that often conjures up images of mansions, yachts, and large corporation board rooms. When you ask the average person about estate planning, they will usually brush it off by saying that they don't have an estate to plan. But the truth is that every single adult has an estate, and that estate could wind up going to the wrong people if you do not make the proper arrangements.

It Is More Than Just A Will

Many people confuse estate planning with getting a will made. There are many elements to estate planning, and a will is just one of them. With estate planning, you can make sure that the traditions you have established in your family are carried onto the next generation, and you can also secure your family's financial future.

Estate planning allows you to decide what happens to your possessions after you pass away, and it also makes sure that your family gets the family home. If you do absolutely no estate planning, then your family will be saddled with your debt after you pass away, and the state government could take your home.

Taking Care Of Your Family

If you were to suddenly pass away, could your family continue to pay the bills? Have you made provisions for your spouse or some other family member to assume control of your home? Estate planning means putting insurance policies and the legal framework in place to make sure that your family can face the mountain of debt they will be left with, and that the family home remains safe with your loved ones.

Your Final Wishes

Formal estate planning includes funding for the causes you are passionate about, and the continuance of the family traditions that you held dear. A good attorney can make certain that your favorite charitable causes get the funding you want them to have, and that your family honors your wishes for traditions and conduct.

Many families have burial traditions that go back generations, and your estate planning can ensure that those traditions are honored. Your attorney will see to it that your final wishes are followed, and that your family name is preserved.

Your Business Dealings

A good life insurance policy can pay off your debt and take care of the costs of your funeral, but what about your business dealings? When you pass away, your business partners may be lining up to go against your wishes when it comes to a succession path. But with estate planning, you are assured that there will be money available to keep the company going, and that all of your succession plans will go through.

An estate is any type of assets or income that you may accrue throughout your life. Your estate is also made up of your debt and financial obligations. Without estate planning, there are no assurances that your final wishes will be honored. There are also no assurances that your family will be financially taken care of when you are gone.

Estate planning can also help you to plan for your own future by including provisions for full or partial disability, and offering investment vehicles that can be used as retirement income. You don't need to be rich to use estate planning. You just need to care about your family's future, and the legacy you will leave behind.

When people are asked about estate planning, they immediately feel that it is a topic that is only relevant to the super wealthy. The truth is that every single person has an estate, and you need to take steps to protect that estate and your loved ones. Without estate planning, you could be leaving the future of your family in the hands of complete strangers, and that is something everyone would like to avoid.

Another misconception about estate planning is that it is something you do once and then it only gets used after you pass away. The sooner you start estate planning, the better prepared you will be to handle life events and care for your family. Your life is extremely dynamic, and you need to monitor your estate planning to make sure that it is adequate for your needs. But why does everyone need estate planning? There are some very good reasons why you should make an appointment to see an estate planning specialist as soon as possible.

Maintain Your Family Values After You Are Gone

A family is made up of loving people and long-standing traditions. If you do not protect those traditions and the personal values you have built up throughout your life, then they made fade away after you are gone. Estate planning not only helps you to dictate who gets your possessions, but it also helps you to sustain your family values after you have passed on.

Living Will And Care Instructions

If you become disabled in any way at some point in your life, then you could lose your ability to decide your own care. With estate planning, you can put together a living will and also create instructions that will speak for you when you have lost the ability to communicate.

Care For Special Needs Children

If you have children with special needs, then they may be getting support from the government that is critical to their daily lives. With estate planning, you can provide for additional support to your special needs children without disrupting any government support.

Business Succession

If you own a business or are partners with other business owners, then you will want to put together plans that will allow you to retire and still satisfy your legal obligation to the company. Estate planning can also help your family to take care of business issues if you become disabled or pass away.

Set Up The Proper Insurance

With estate planning, you can set up life insurance policies to help financially care for your family after you pass away, you can set up disability insurance to give yourself an income if you become disabled, and long-term care insurance that will cover any medical care you may need due to illness or injury.

Reduce Your Family's Exposure To Expenses

Estate planning allows you to put together funds that will take care of any debts you have after you pass away, cover any funeral expenses, and provide for legal fees in the event that your death triggers an unexpected lawsuit. All of this will protect your family from financial disaster after you have passed away.

Without proper estate planning, you are exposing yourself and your family to the possibility of unnecessary financial hardships. Estate planning is for anyone who wants to live life with peace of mind, and who wants to be able to care for their family no matter what may happen.

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