Protect Your Rights In Family Court

Divorce and child custody proceedings can be devastating to everyone involved. Two people do not start a family with the intention of having that family fall apart, but it does happen and the results can be tragic. What can make a family court situation even more tragic is if you do not seek out professional legal counsel from the very beginning of the proceedings. Too many people have misconceptions about the family court process that can cause problems for them now, and in the future.

I Can Just File The Motions Myself

In the state of New York, there is this prevailing opinion among people that will need to use the family court system that they can just file some paperwork, pay a couple of filing fees, and then be done with the process. Truth be told, that is how the entire court system works. But would you really want to file your own paperwork if you were accused of a felony crime?

While a family court case is filled with emotion, you still need to protect your rights to make sure that you are treated fairly. A qualified attorney will walk you through the entire process and make sure that your side is heard. Without an attorney, your divorce or child custody process could turn out in a way that is contrary to what you wanted.

Why Do I Need An Attorney For This?

Some of the decisions made by a family court are based on defined computations and guidelines, while others are judgment calls. When the courts make a decision on judgment calls, they do so with the information that has been presented to them. If you have no idea how to file a compelling argument as to why you should have custody of your children, then you will have a difficult time convincing the courts that your cause is a just one.

A divorce can seem equally as simple to file, but the end result can be difficult to predict if you do not have legal representation. You need an attorney for family court issues because these are issues that affect you personally and have strong emotional value. If you want your voice to be heard in family court, then you need to have an attorney speaking for you.

Doesn't The State Provide An Attorney?

In some cases, the state or county you are filing your motion in will provide you with an attorney from their stable of public defenders. These are hard-working people who do what they can for their clients, but they lack the time or staffing to focus on your specific needs. If you want to get the right legal advice for your family court proceeding, then you need to hire an attorney who is working for you directly, and has your interests in mind.

When it comes to a family matter, emotions can run high. Anger can often take the place of rational thinking, and sometimes bad decisions are made. When you have an attorney working for you on your family court matter, you can eliminate those bad decisions by having a professional take care of your side of the proceeding, and make sure that your interests are protected.

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