Property Surveys - Why New Yorkers Need Them


Property surveys are important for many reasons and can be very useful to New York homeowners. There are many situations where a property survey would not only come in handy, but it would be an integral part of a procedure the homeowner is doing for their property.

Property Sale

In most real estate transactions, the lender will demand that a site survey be done before the funding can be approved. But even if a survey is not required, it is still something that should be done by the seller. A survey will enhance the property description and fend off any possible legal claims the buyer may have about an inadequate description. A survey will be a general tool that will firmly establish the size of the property and add strength to the overall property documentation.

Property Purchase

Even if there is a site survey being ordered by the lender or seller for a property, the buyer will want to get their own survey done to protect themselves. A survey for the buyer will confirm that any features in the backyard such as a pool are built according to the zoning laws. The buyer can also confirm the property size and boundaries for themselves.

Before Adding To Your Home

You would never think that adding a carport to your home could cause problems, but it could be a big legal hassle if the carport crosses over the neighbor's property line. Before you install a pool, add on to your home, or build a deck, you should get a survey done. The survey will let you know if your planned project will violate any zoning laws, and if it will encroach onto your neighbor's property.


In most cases, a lender you are working with to refinance your home will require a site survey for their records. While there might be many surveys of your home already on file, the lender will need a new one to make sure that your property's boundaries match up with the boundaries in the city or town's deed office. This is how lenders protect their investment when they offer to refinance a home.

Getting A Survey Done

The costs of getting a survey done depend on the surveyor, the size of your property, and a few other considerations. You will need to discuss fees with the surveyor prior to getting the work done. You should use only a certified and licensed surveyor to make sure that your survey is done properly, and to be sure that the results are accepted by lenders and other real estate transaction parties.

A property survey is essential in establishing the size of your property, and in determining whether or not you have zoning issues with your property boundaries. A proper survey done by a licensed professional can be an important tool when refinancing, selling, or buying a home. It can also be helpful when planning a remodeling or addition project for your property.

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