Why DIY Home Sales Can Be Risky

The growth of do-it-yourself home sales services has created the idea that selling or buying a home without an attorney is easy. The truth is that a real estate transaction can be risky and attempting to go through with a real estate transaction without an attorney can be a very bad idea. While the DIY real estate websites offer plenty of help with paperwork and marketing, there are important areas of a real estate transaction that they leave out.

Title Issues

You can get all of the real estate advice from a website you want, but it is not going to help you if a title issue comes up during your real estate transaction. You need a local real estate attorney who understands the title laws to help you work out these issues. If a title issue is not properly handled, then it could become a big problem for the buyer and the seller years down the road.

Reviewing The Paperwork

It is one thing for a DIY real estate website to advise buyers and sellers to read all of the agreement paperwork carefully, but it is quite another thing for that paperwork to be properly executed during the closing. One mistake on a real estate sales agreement could hold up closing, or become a festering issue years after the transaction was finalized. It takes an experienced attorney to be able to review real estate paperwork and make sure that everything is in order.

Proper Communication

When a buyer and seller communicate in a real estate transaction done through attorneys, all of that communication is done through the lawyers. That is important because any misinterpreted information could wind up costing the buyer or seller a lot of money. An experienced buyer could take advantage of an inexperienced seller during a DIY real estate transaction and cause a lot of headaches for the seller. In order for communication to be done right in a real estate transaction, an attorney must be involved on both sides.

Exchanging Money

DIY real estate sales programs try to make the exchange of funds sound like a simple process in a real estate transaction, but the truth is that exchanging funds is a very precise process that must be done right. It is critically important that all parties involved get the precise amount of money they are owed or the whole transaction could be challenged. The safest way to make sure the transaction is done right is to have professional attorneys involved.

Getting involved with a DIY real estate sales program can save you money initially, but it could cost you a lot more when the mistakes start to come to light. Every residential real estate transaction should be monitored by capable attorneys who can make sure that every part of the transaction is completed properly and that every party walks away with exactly what they were expecting.

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