Common Divorce Myths

Divorce happens under the worst of emotional circumstances, and that is why divorce myths are so powerful. When someone who is scared about the possibilities of a process that could alter their life forever starts to hear horror stories, they tend to believe those stories. It is important to understand fact from fiction when it comes to divorce myths and know what you are really getting yourself into.

I can do it myself

There are plenty of do-it-yourself divorce kits online and most states even offer a webpage dedicated to helping people file their own divorces. The problem is that a divorce is a complicated legal process that should only be handled by an attorney. When you do not know the law and you try to file your own legal proceeding, you run the risk of making mistakes you will regret the rest of your life.

I better talk to my spouse's attorney when they call

When you hire a divorce attorney, you should be prepared to open up and tell that attorney everything they need to know to help your case. But if your spouse's attorney calls you, that is when you say nothing and give them your attorney's name and number. No state requires parties of a divorce to speak to each other's attorneys. If your spouse's attorney has something to say to you, then they can tell your attorney.

A divorce attorney will rip me off

The gritty truth is that divorces are expensive and not all divorce attorneys are the same when it comes to fees. It is up to you to get a schedule of fees in writing from your attorney so that you understand everything you will be paying. It is important to ask if they charge a flat fee or by the hour, and you should even go so deep as to ask about fees for half and quarter hours as well.

My attorney is just my attorney

Many divorce attorneys have contacts for abused spouses and can help their clients in a variety of other ways. It is important to note that your divorce attorney is not obliged to do anything other than help you with the legal side of your divorce. But it is possible to find attorneys who understand the human side of a divorce proceeding and offer solutions to many of the problems you will be experiencing as the divorce moves forward.

Mothers automatically get child custody

The fate of a father's claim to his children in a custody hearing varies from state to state. But, as a general rule, the family court system in each state wants to do what is best for the children. If a case can be made that the father is the more competent parent, then it is possible for that father to fight for and win full custody.

The idea of getting divorced can be stressful and intimidating enough without all of the false information floating around. Take some time to separate fact from fiction and feel peace of mind when you enter into your divorce proceeding.

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