Commercial Properties and Local Regulations


Commercial Properties and Local Regulations: What Are Your Rights?

Do you lease commercial property in Staten Island?If you’reatenant or landlord of commercial property, you may be wondering about your rights and how local regulations can affect the way you do business.

You may need assistance from experienced Staten Island attorneys like the experts at DiVernieri, DiVernieri & Cotter, LLP. But this article will answer some of the most common questions about commercial properties and local regulations in Staten Island

Where can I build commercial property?

Staten Island is divided into residential and commercial zones createdto benefit residents and businesses, alike. Depending on the type of building you own, local regulations may dictate the distance from the street, the amount of parking available, and the signage you can place in front of your location.

By dictating where certain types of commercial properties can be built, these laws are designed to help:

  • Control traffic congestion
  • Preserve the character of certain streets or neighborhoods
  • Promote architectural design freedom
  • Encourage commercial development
  • Protectresidents from dangers or inconveniences that may be created by certain types of commercial buildings

What details about the property must a landlord disclose to tenants? 

Staten Island landlords are required to disclose zoning regulations that may affect prospective tenants. They must also disclose information about the condition of the building, which may affect tenant use. The landlord must disclose details about compliance with accessibility laws and also local ordinances that may govern energy use in the building

Do I need a contract to lease my commercial property?

If you’re a commercial landlord in Staten Island, it’s important to have a contract that outlines your tenants’ rights and responsibilities. Eviction in New York State is an expensive and arduous process due to landlord laws that favor tenants. A contract can help ensure every party involved is clear about their duties and obligations

Need Help with Commercial Property Contracts?

DDC Law Firm is made up of experts in Staten Island real estate law who can help ensure your commercial property meets all zoning requirements. We can help you with real estate contracts to protect your best interests as a Staten Island landlord or business tenant