Choosing The Right Lawyer To Represent Your Family

When people choose family attorneys for all issues ranging from estate law to criminal defense, the decision should be part of a process designed to find the perfect attorney. Too many times families settle on the guy who is least expensive, or the one who will do the most work on retainer. But if you really want an attorney that can do the most for your family, then you need to go through a process that allows you to find the best attorney for all of your family's needs.

The Reputation Matters

There are several types of reputations attorneys can gain within the legal community in your area, and you want to be sure to choose the attorney that has the reputation you are most comfortable with. Some attorneys like to get things done quietly, while others tend to drum up public support to try and sway a judge or jury. Some attorneys are tough but well-respected within the legal community, while others prefer to stay hard-nosed and fight for their clients. Do some research and find the attorney that has the approach that makes you most comfortable.

Check On Availability

While you should never expect your attorney to be on-call 24-hours a day, it is reasonable to hope that they will respond when you are in real trouble. If your attorney handles criminal law for you, then you should find out if they will respond if you wind up in trouble in the middle of the night. Estate law issues can suddenly pop up that must be handled quickly, and you want to be sure that your attorney will be there when you need them.

Research Tendencies

As well as having a public reputation, every attorney has tendencies as well. Some attorneys fight to get their clients the results they want, while others tend to want to take a plea agreement and negotiate with the courts and the prosecution. In estate law matters, some attorneys are aggressive in helping trustees to solve disputes, while others tend ot be hands-off in their approach. With a little Internet research and talking to people in your local legal community, you can get an idea as to what type of tendencies each attorney you are considering has.


It is nice to have a qualified attorney that can cover many practice areas, but you should find one that is an expert in whatever field you consider to be most important. If your primary concern is estate law, then find an attorney known for their abilities in that field. It is also important to keep in mind that if you choose an attorney for their abilities in estate law, then do not be surprised if they outsource other fields of practice as you need them. A good attorney knows their limitations, and a good estate law professional will usually outsource a criminal law case to get their client the best possible results.

When you or your family need legal advice, it is always reassuring to have someone on your side that you are familiar with. The process of choosing a family attorney is an important one, and it is something every family should do as soon as possible.

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