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Evictions in Unconventional Situations

When it comes to unconventional evictions, there are plenty of situations that read like a bad movie but are very true. If you are a landlord, then you should be familiar with the different types of unconventional living situations that often require eviction. Most of these situations often manage to avoid a tenant-landlord relationship, which […]

Divorce and Foreclosure – What are Your Rights?

Many couples buy their family home as a joint venture. They both sign the promissory note and the mortgage, which means they are both responsible for paying the mortgage and the home is used as collateral. They both usually sign the deed as well, which makes them both owners of the property. This common arrangement […]

Property Sales and Bankruptcy

  When you talk to a lawyer about bankruptcy, you will hear terms such as exempt and non-exempt property. One of the decisions people going through bankruptcy make is to sell off their assets to try and reap the financial benefits before the courts step in. It sounds like a great idea, but it can […]

Starting a Foreclosure Action in New York

You purchased your dream home in the state of New York and everything started out just as you had imagined it. But you were suddenly forced to take a pay cut at work and your spouse was suddenly put into a position where they needed to find a new job. For the first time since […]

Reverse Mortgages

You may have seen commercials on television in recent years featuring a dignified older actor talking about how great it is to have a reverse mortgage. The problem is that these commercials only gloss over one or two of the benefits of a reverse mortgage, and they seem to avoid getting into any details. In […]

How to Set Up a Trust Fund For Your Loved Ones

A trust is something often associated with wealthy people, but any person or family can create a trust to protect the family’s assets. One of the more significant benefits of a trust is that the assets can be passed on to surviving family members when one member passes away without going through the time-consuming process […]

Has Your Building Been Sold?

One of the worst fears tenants have is the day when they find out that their building has been sold. In the case of single-family residences, a new owner usually means that the tenant has to find a new place to live. For apartment renters, a new owner could mean just about anything from higher […]

Serving Your Spouse With Divorce Papers

In New York State (and most of the rest of the country), a marriage is considered a legal partnership between two people. There are a lot of details that go into that legal partnership and there are many benefits for both partners. A divorce is a legal process used to dissolve a marriage, which means […]

Sellers Closing Cost’s

In every real estate transaction there is a buyer and a seller, and both sides have closing costs they have to worry about. While the buyer tends to have the higher closing costs because they have to pay for the property, the seller also accrues closing costs that can force them to come up with […]