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Common Estate Planning Mistakes ( How To Avoid Them )

  Estate planning is a smart move by anyone who wants to protect their assets and make sure their assets are used properly to help their family’s future. No matter what types of assets you have, it is important to get involved in estate planning to ensure your family’s future. If you are getting involved […]

Why Estate Planning Is Essential For Non-Tax Purposes

  Estate planning is often a legal and accounting device people use to take advantage of certain tax breaks and protect their heirs from heavy estate taxes. While it is true that estate planning can help anyone to get the tax breaks that are available, there are plenty of non-tax reasons for estate planning. Many […]

Basics To Include In Your Estate Plan

  When you ask the average person their feelings on an estate plan, most people will probably tell you that an estate plan is something reserved for the wealthy. The truth is that every consumer who has a family and any assets needs to have an estate plan in place. An estate plan will help […]

Why Millennials Are Estate Planning Early

  There is a lot being said about the Millennial generation, and not all of it is complimentary. But Millennials are proving to be very financial savvy and proof of that comes from the need for Millennials to start estate planning at very early ages. For most people, estate planning is something they do as […]

How to avoid rental scams

  People who are looking for a new apartment will find many different ways to make the process easier. But sometimes an easier process does not mean that it is more reliable. If you are out there trying to rent a new apartment, you need to learn how to avoid the rental scams that could […]

How To Avoid Rental Scams

  The Internet has created a lot of great industries and allowed commerce to flow into places it normally would not take place. But the Internet can also be a place where criminals pull off scams that hurt honest people. If you are apartment hunting, then you will want to be careful when using the […]

How To Fight A Tax Assessment

  Your city or town will periodically conduct tax assessments on some or all of the properties within the city or town limits. Depending on the laws in your area, you might get a letter about a pending assessment or you might have to read about it in the local newspaper. At the end of […]

What is Dual Agency: Why Buyers and Sellers Should Avoid It

  Real estate agents are trained to represent buyers and sellers. In a standard transaction, there is one agent representing the buyer and a second agent representing the seller. The two agents are usually the ones who do the negotiating on behalf of their clients, and the two agents often find themselves in the middle […]