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How financial trends could affect estate planning

How financial trends  could affect estate planning We live in a dynamic world where trends are bound to rise and fall. When we talk about financial trends, people envision the stock market or perhaps their investment portfolio. For estate planning attorneys, the goal is always to maximize assets that are passed on to their heirs. […]

The Disposition of Housing of the Deceased

You never want to think about a tenant dying in your building. However, knowing how to handle the disposition of housing of the deceased can make things easier for you and your tenant’s family during this challenging time. It can also save you any confusion when it comes to legal matters. Are You Responsible for […]

Illegal Acts & Evictions in New York State

Illegal Acts and Evictions in New York State Whether a tenant is not paying rent or violating their lease, there are certain guidelines landlords must adhere to when evicting them in New York State. Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way landlords must respond to tenants who might, under other circumstances, be evicted. Now, […]

Sales of Property and Status of Tenants in New York State

Unlivable Conditions in New York Coops When you pay rent on your apartment, you have a right to livable conditions in your home, and coops are no exception. Whether the ceiling falls in your kitchen, there’s mold throughout the house, or you have excessive water damage or flooding, you need to know your rights when […]

Commercial Properties and Local Regulations

  Commercial Properties and Local Regulations: What Are Your Rights? Do you lease commercial property in Staten Island?If you’reatenant or landlord of commercial property, you may be wondering about your rights and how local regulations can affect the way you do business. You may need assistance from experienced Staten Island attorneys like the experts at […]

When Is Mortgage Insurance Required?

PMI is required on conventional loans if the loan to value ratio is greater than 80%. MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium) is required on all FHA loans. What Is Mortgage Insurance? If you’re making a down payment of less than 20% on a home, it’s important to understand what mortgage insurance is and how it works. […]

Trust and Estate Planning for Same Sex Couples

  The state of New York established legal protections for same sex couples in 2011 with the passing of the Marriage Equality Act, before the 2015 nationwide legalizing of same sex marriage. Even in the face of this record of support, it is still important for you and your partner to establish your wishes in […]

Can a Special Needs Trust Help Your Loved One?

  The public assistance available to a person with ongoing medical needs, or an individual who struggles with intellectual disabilities, can be vital to their well-being. However, your concern over a loved one’s eligibility for funds can interfere with your desires to help them financially. A Special Needs Trust can be set up to provide […]

The Facts About Decedent Credit Card Debt

Have you thought about how your credit card debt might affect your loved ones after you are gone? Outstanding debts owed by the deceased can often be attached to an estate or trust if a creditor chooses to file a lawsuit against a decedent. A court judgment could drain the inheritance you leave your spouse […]