6 Real Estate Website Enhancements You Can't Afford To Ignore

When you have a real estate website, you have the entire world as your audience. If someone from halfway around the world is going to relocate to your town, they will see the listings on your website and contact you about buying a home. You can also develop a healthy local network of website traffic that will keep your listed properties moving along. While your website is going to help your business, there are some enhancements to your website that you should have in place to increase traffic.

Lively Graphics

Digital marketing experts are realizing that website users are attracted to lively graphics when those graphics are set against a more docile background. Your whole website should not look busy to attract more traffic. Your graphics, especially those that advertise special properties you are trying to sell, should be lively and interesting to your users.

Include Comprehensive Information

Contrary to popular belief, you do not want to leave your audience hanging with your website information. It used to be that real estate websites would include just enough information to get users interested in a property, but then the point was to have the users call to make an appointment to see the property. These days, you want to put everything right up front on your website and give your users all of the information you have on your property. This will give you a better chance of closing the sale when they call to make an appointment.

Use Video

Adding video tours of all of your properties can be extremely effective for your real estate website. Remember to include everything in your video tours to prevent your users from feeling like you are hiding something. Videos do not need to be professionally produced, but they should look as professional as possible.

Update Your Site Regularly

You should always try to have all of the information about each listing available when you post on your website. But sometimes property elements change or you could not immediately find the information that you needed to give a complete profile. As long as you are regularly updating your website, you will never have to worry about your information being incomplete or out-of-date.

Include Content To Build Your Database

Your real estate website should have blog posts, web pages, tutorials, and other information that is of interest to your audience. Along with putting this content on your website pages, you should include marketing forms that allow your users to opt-in to receiving your marketing emails and other information. You should always look for new ways to get people interested in helping you to expand your marketing database.

Offer Pertinent Personal Information

If you work on your own or are the founder of a real estate agency, then tell a bit of your story to your customers. You should create a bio that includes all of your real estate highlights and then some personal information that will help people to get to know you better. People always feel more comfortable buying from other people, and a personal bio on your website will help you to make a connection with your audience.

If you want your real estate website to help generate revenue, then there are certain features you should include and update frequently. A good real estate website can be one of your most powerful marketing tools.


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