4 Reasons You Need A Real Estate Lawyer When Selling A Home

Selling real estate is a complex transaction, but there are many websites that try to convince homeowners that they can sell their home on their own and keep the rest of the money. While it might be possible to sell a property without a real estate agent, a homeowner should never try to sell a property without an experienced real estate lawyer. There are several facets of a real estate transaction that require an immediate and professional response if you want to make it to closing day.


A real estate attorney is not going to give you advice on how much you should sell your home for, but an attorney will make sure that your negotiations with prospective buyers go smoothly. The slightest misperception or improperly filed piece of paperwork in a real estate transaction can make the whole thing go bad in a hurry. With an experienced attorney on your side, you can feel safe knowing that your negotiations are being handled by an expert.

Questions From The Buyer

An experienced real estate attorney is going to know how to properly answer questions from buyers, and even use those questions to potentially weed out deadbeat buyers. A lawyer has seen just about everything when it comes to real estate transactions, and there are certain questions or buyer actions that can trigger red flags that someone new to real estate may not recognize. An attorney will help you to handle questions properly, get the right information back to the buyer, and use questions as a way to try and weed out bad buyers.

Paperwork And Procedure

There is a lot of paperwork involved in a real estate sale, and there are certain procedures sellers must follow to see a transaction through to the end successfully. Improperly filed or filled out paperwork could nullify the deal, and not following the proper procedures could put closing day at risk. An attorney will help you to avoid all of these problems and make sure that all of your paperwork and every one of your procedures are done properly.

The Closing

The closing of a real estate transaction is a precise and complicated event. If all of your information and paperwork is not properly submitted, then closing day could get delayed for weeks or months. If the proper checks are not cut in advance of the closing, then everything would have to start all over again.

Your attorney reviews all of your requirements for closing and makes sure that everything you need to get done is done. They will also run you through the process so that you know what to expect, and they can review the checks to make sure that everything is right. If you do not have an attorney at closing, then you are taking a significant risk.

Selling your home is a complicated process that requires a lot of legal paperwork and submissions to be completed properly. Without a good real estate lawyer on your side, you could be completing a transaction that may cost you thousands of dollars to fix later on and it could all be due to couple of bad pieces of paperwork. To save yourself money and stress, you should hire an experienced real estate attorney to help you complete your real estate transaction.

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