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4 Things Real Estate Attorneys Consider Vital

Real estate transactions are complicated, and that means that it is always a good idea to get a real estate attorney involved. For first-time home buyers, the whole process of finding and hiring an attorney is brand new, which means that mistakes can be made. There is plenty for real estate buyers and sellers to […]

Should I Buy That Foreclosed Home?

First-time home buyers will inevitably be told about the wonderful benefits of buying a foreclosed home. While there are plenty of good reasons to buy a foreclosed property, there are also some unsavory aspects of these kinds of transactions that every home buyer should be aware of. If you are comfortable with the idea of […]

Questions To Ask Before Buying Your First Home

As a first-time homeowner, you go through a lot of different emotions. You are intimidated by the idea of being a property owner, but you are excited at what the future holds. When it comes to the property itself, there are some questions you need to answer before you sign any purchase agreement. Your first […]

How to Navigate Real Estate Contracts

Most people hire an experienced real estate attorney to handle the legal side of buying or selling real estate, but it is still important for the client to understand the basics of the contract they are signing. Both the buyer and seller in any real estate transaction should understand how to properly review their real […]

Common Real Estate Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Without a location, a business is just an idea. When business owners set out to find their ideal location, they usually use experienced real estate agents to help in the search. But even a good commercial real estate agent is only as effective as the information they are given. As a small business owner prepares […]

When You Should Start to Think About Estate Planning?

When anyone who does not have substantial financial means thinks about estate planning, they instantly disregard it as something that does not affect them. The reality is that anyone would benefit from estate planning, and there are plenty of estate planning options that would fit in with anyone’s lifestyle. The more you understand about estate […]

Choosing The Right Lawyer To Represent Your Family

When people choose family attorneys for all issues ranging from estate law to criminal defense, the decision should be part of a process designed to find the perfect attorney. Too many times families settle on the guy who is least expensive, or the one who will do the most work on retainer. But if you […]

Hosting An Airbnb In New York Without Breaking The Law

The idea of using the Airbnb system to make a few extra dollars with that spare room you have sounds like a great one, but it does have some snags in the state of New York. Before you sign up for Airbnb to be a host, you should do your research and make sure that […]